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How long does it take to record an album? 

Well, it really depends. Greatly. Sometime’s we work with a band that cuts a record live in 3 days. The majority take a lot longer. I’d give these figures as an average to record and mix an EP/LP;


EP: 3-6 days

LP: 8-12 days

The amount of time it takes greatly weighs on how well planned out and prepared the production is, as well as how meticulous you are.

I'm happy to establish a package deal, or work something that can hit the budget you have in mind!

Is mixing included with sessions 

No, it's an additional charge on top on tracking time

What should I bring to the session?

Bring whatever you want, especially your instruments of choice! We do have a lot of guitar/bass amps, various cabinets for either, as well as a couple great sounding house drum kits. Check out our gear list to see if you can save yourself some gear moving.

What do accomodations look like

We don’t have on-site accommodations for overnight stays, but there are plenty of options in town. Manchester is a fun city, and there are a handful of hotels, Airbnbs, and endless fantastic food options in a mile radius of the studio. I've lived here for ten years, so ask me what’s good locally!

Will you master songs that we record/mix with you 

Short answer; sometimes, if it helps fit your budget.

Long answer; although we offer our own mastering services, typically, we will suggest outside mastering engineers if we've done a record together. After spending tens or hundreds of hours recording and mixing your music, we feel its best suited to have a fresh set of ears on your tracks for mastering. We have a handful of fantastic and trusted mastering enginners that we can suggest. If our rates help with your budgeting needs, we can offer digital format masters in house for projects we've done start to finish.

Can we bring friends to the session? 

Ideally, we should keep sessions with as few people as possible, narrowing it down to only those directly involved in the production. The control room is small, and get stuffy quick. Friends are fun to have, but can be distracting and not very conducive to an efficient session.

I'm happy to allow who may be taking photographs/video/other media documenting of the session. I love that stuff, as long as they're respectful of us doing what we're doing, producing and recording your music!

Am I able to rent to studio without an engineer?

No, not at this moment. You must book one of our in house engineers for sessions

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