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Here's what we do...


  • Starting at $400 for a full 8 hour day

  • $260 for a half day, 4 hours

  • $65/hr for hourly sessions with a minimum of 2 hours to book

Mixing is billed at the same rate as tracking and is logged in hours/days. 

Do you have songs or an album that you or someone else recorded that you want to have mixed? Contact us to get a quote.

*Mixing is billed separately and is not included with tracking

  • $70 per song

  • $150 EP (3-5 songs)

  • $250 Album (+7 songs)

Looking for something we don't have listed?

If you need a specific job done or a general quote on a project, contact us here and we'll get right back to you!

All the fine print business





Any time booked requires a 50% non-refundable deposit. For example, if you want to book three days with us at $400/day ($1200), that will require a $600 deposit to book.

Please take note that deposits are connected to the booking of specific dates, not projects. Cancellation of dates will mean the loss of your deposit. Rescheduling or application of deposit to other time will be done at our discretion.

All the equipment you see on our gear page is available for your use! That being said, sometime things go out to be serviced or leave the studio for whatever reason. Please let us know beforehand if you require anything specific on our gear page for your session.

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