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Welcome to Blackheart

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​Located in one of Manchester, New Hampshires historic mill buildings, Blackheart is the most relaxing and comfortable creative environment you'll find in New England.


We like making records the old fashioned way, combining tried-and-true audio engineering with modern techniques and equipment to bring your art to life. 

With over two decades of combined recording experience, we can handle any job or genre, from Top 40's pop to the heaviest of metal, from folk to voiceovers. Check out our team below and see what we're about!



Eric Sauter

With over a decade of involvement in the Greater Boston music scene, playing in multiple area punk and metal bands, and crafting multi-track recording setups in many rooms since 2015, Eric has been a New England favorite for bands looking for an easy, enjoyable way to capture their sound. A totally self taught recording engineer from the age of 19, he has cemented his reputation as not only a rock, metal, and folk producer, but an engineer fluent in working with the most avant-garde of genres. He is the owner of Blackheart, which has been in operation on Willow St in Manchester since 2019.

Owner/Studio Manager

James Palko is a New England based Audio Engineer. A graduate from University Of New Haven’s audio program, James has been making records consistently since 2012. With his feet firmly in both the punk and indie world, James’s work can be tailored from the softest of folk rock to energetic emo and rock. As a member of bands like Taking Meds or Perspective A Lovely Hand To Hold, James has had his hands across the production of numerous records as well as his own, with a versatile style of engineering


James Palko


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